Monday, September 29, 2008

Is it just me?

Okay, seriously. Is it just me, or does this whole "economic crisis" thing not seem as serious as the news is making it? To hear the media tell it, we all need to get our money out of our bank accounts, stuff it in a mattress and run for the hills. I know, I know; things are pretty bad. Why doesn't it seem like my family is being affected? We're all having to pay high gas prices, but honestly, they're lower now than they've been in months. Amarillo is at $3.22 a gallon! I was just in Dallas last week, and it's still way up at $3.55 a gallon. Yeah, food prices have gone up over the last several months, but it's not like I feel like I can't buy groceries at all. I have to honestly say that I'm glad the government didn't pass the $700 billion bailout bill. It's not like that money was going back into my pocket or anything. Now, if it was going straight back into my pocket, then I might be a little upset.
Not that anyone wants to hear my opinion, but this is my blog, so I'll give it to you if I want: the reason our economy is down in the dumps right now is our fault! We need to stop buying things we can't afford (i.e. houses, cars, vacations). It's not our government's fault that nearly every American is in thousands of dollars of debt. It's nearly every American's fault! Ok, there's my opinion on that.
I just don't feel very affected by this headline-making crisis we're experiencing. I don't feel like my whole life is about to fall apart, even if the DOW did plunge 800 points today. That really stinks for the DOW people, but what am I supposed to do about it? So, really, is it just me? Am I the ONLY one who doesn't feel like the world is crashing down around me? Am I just being naive about this? I welcome your thoughts and opinions. Please, set me straight if I need it.


Becky Dietz said...

I was satisfied with what Dave Ramsey had to say. You can see it here:

Holly said...

That's exactly why I DON'T watch the news...they blow everything out of proportion!! All I know is God is in control and that is all I need to know!

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Well, it may not be a big deal to you or I (because I am guessing you guys don't have much invested in the stock market--we sure don't--just a little), but MANY people have LOST thousands of dollars. Plus, the ones who aren't Christians don't where peace comes from in a time like this. I don't really think we should just shrug it off because it doesn't affect us. It is effecting America in a BIG, BIG way. Maybe God is calling Christians to RISE up and be givers!!

rickyg said...

Hey! I totally agree with you. The only way we know what's going on in Washington or on Wall street is because Fox news, not my favorite, or CNN tells us to be scared. They raise the terror alert to light lavender, which is close to purple so that has to be bad, so we pack all our crap and head for the hills. Haha, then we look like fools. Anyway, just thought I would say that I agree. Hope all is well.