Saturday, March 24, 2012

Date Night

The peeps stayed the night with my mom last night, so David and I had Date Night! I called him at work around 2:30, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Babe. Mom's gonna have the kids stay the night tonight.
David: Oh, amen.
Me: Sooooo, whatcha wanna do? We can go out or stay in. I'm good either way. It's up to you.
David: We can see if there's anything showing at the dollar theater.
Me: Ok, I'll check and call you back.

So I pull Fandango up on my phone, take a quick glance at the available shows, decide once again that it's up to Dave, and call him back.

David: Hello.
Me: Hi. I checked the movies.
David: And?
Me: I don't care either way. There's nothing amazing on, but if you want to go to the movies we can. How about dinner? Can we cook something at home?
David: Sure. Do we have any steak or sausage that I could grill?
Me: No, but grilled sausage sounds yummy. I'll get some when I drop the kids off with Mom.
David: I saw we have potatoes. We can have mashed potatoes.
Me: Ok. Talk to you soon. Love you.
David: Love you too. Bye.

I made a quick stop by the store after getting the peeps settled with my mom. They had organic sun-dried tomato and basil chicken sausage on sale, so I bought two packages. I also thought it would be nice to make Dave's new favorite dessert, carob Bavarian cream, for us, so I picked up a small carton of { my defense, they didn't have any low-temp pasteurized} heavy cream. As I made my way up to the checkout line, I noticed Annie's boxed mac-and-cheese was on sale for $1.79, and I thought, "Ah, what the heck. We haven't had boxed mac-and-cheese in a year or more. And this will keep me from peeling potatoes." I grabbed the mac, some Newman-O's {this keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it??}, and a bag of organic blue corn tortilla chips so we'd have a snack, and left $19.76 later. 

Yeah, yeah, not exactly the most "traditional" meal ever, but it was just for us, it was super quick, and it was really yummy! We made some frozen lemonade, and that green stuff on our plates is zucchini sauteed in coconut oil and crushed garlic. Yum-O. Except...I guess it was a bit traditional because that's my lacto-fermented salsa sitting in the middle of those blue chips! It was such a gorgeous evening, so we moved our card table and chairs out to the back porch. Yeah....we don't have lawn furniture.

And now Blogger is wiggin' out on me so I can't put any text below my photos. Grrrrrr.....

That brown, Oreo-looking stuff is our carob Bavarian cream. This is the first dessert I've made out of Nourishing Traditions, and it's so simple and delicious. The last time I made it, I served it with fresh raspberries on the side; but this time, it was crushed "organic Oreos". Still delish. It's like a not-too-sweet, slightly chocolate mousse, but with carob and chocolate extract instead of cocoa powder. It has a different flavor than most people would expect, but it is healthy (sans the ultra-pasteurized cream).

After our dinner, we opted to play Frisbee instead of going to the show. It was so much fun! We played until almost dark, then cleaned up the kitchen and watched three episodes of 24. I told David this was one of my favorite dates ever. It was out of the normal dinner-and-a-movie rut that we get stuck in sometimes. I loved it.

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amy wright said...

Sounds like a very sweet date night to me. A date night IN, what a dream for this introvert. :)